In the know: Meet Tammy Tibbetts

You know I love me a woman innovator. Especially one who is working tirelessly to fund girls education worldwide by utilizing a cutting edge social media strategy and creative campaigns, and all the while maintaining the most positive attitude I’ve come across.

And with her latest victory being the DVF People’s Choice Award, I’d like to highlight one of my heros, Tammy Tibbetts, in today’s post.


Tammy is the founder of She’s the First, a non-profit organization based in New York that sponsors girls’ education in developing countries. What seems foreign to me in America is a very real and very common experience in women around the world. Girls are tragically pulled from school to tend to family needs, to get married young, to bear children, and a myriad of other reasons. The world is finally coming to face the fact that when you invest in girls education, you better the entire country. Girls are the key to lift poor nations from suffering and poverty. Tammy is the brave face of this effort, working to highlight the girls who will be making those changes and giving them the tools they need to succeed.

As lucky as I have been to attend school all the way through a 4 year university, Tammy and her team have always kept me grounded that I need to be very grateful for this opportunity and not let it go to waste.

There are many of my international peers who are not so lucky.

I think the beauty of She’s the First is the amazing camaraderie it has created amongst its constituents. Just take a look at their activity on Twitter. The conversation, excitement, buzz and general love of the work that they are doing is enough to get anyone excited to support Girls’ education. Positivity, energy and optimism really can change the world, folks.

And so, in celebration of She’s the First, I’m going to take you a trip down memory lane to my first encounter with Tammy. Back in the day, I was working for another amazing innovative women’s organization called Pipeline. We started an interview series and guess who was one of my very first subjects….

So get out there and let’s invest in girls education!


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