You are more beautiful than you think

I talk a lot about beauty and self-esteem here on Fruit loop Feminism. I guess to the more serious feminist demographic, this may seem trivial. Perhaps I should focus on bigger problems in our world, the greater challenges, and ridding the universe of gender injustices. This video campaign by Dove (a champion in women’s self-esteem) makes me think that the two are seriously interconnected.

We are our own toughest critics. I can only speak for women when it comes to self-esteem, because I am one. But when women look in the mirror, we hunt for flaws. We look for things to fix, to cover up, to hide. We buy clothes around what will make our waists smaller, our hips appear slimmer, or our legs longer. This video comes as quite a shock at the toll this can take on our mental capacity to actually SEE ourselves in the truest sense. If you can’t clearly see what’s on the outside, how could we possibly see what’s on the inside? If we spend so much time focusing on things that are wrong with ourselves or the things we can’t do, how can we possibly get started doing something that will make us feel complete?

Today, I invite you to watch this video, give yourself a big hug, and start adjusting the way you see yourself. You are more beautiful than you think.



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