All roads lead to Miley

It’s nearing the end of 2013, my friends, and it is critical that we all get a good solid serving of feminism in our holiday diets. There has been just so much to talk about in the last 6 months…on a personal level and on a “wtf is going on in the world level”…that I don’t even know where to start.

When I file through all the articles and Fruitloop-Feminist worthy moments, of all the news stories in all the world, they all come back to one thing: Miley Cyrus.

The young starlette really has caused quite a stir across the world with her twerking and pot smoking and hair shaving and outspoken antics. I think I’ll save my breathe in reliving them all (there’s plenty of literature out there on Miss Miley for you to enjoy).

The latest and most interesting moment to me was this recent quote: “I feel like I’m one of the biggest feminists in the world because I tell women to not be scared of anything…”


Many of my feminist heroines scoffed at such a statement. Could this be true? What does that mean if Miley Cyrus is one of our biggest and most influential feminists?

To be honest, I spend a lot of time explaining to people what, exactly, a feminist today looks like and what it means. I can’t exactly pin it down into a statement that really makes a whole lot of sense. Conversations usually go a little something like this.

Friend: “So Claire, what does it actually mean to be a feminist? Just like…in your own words.”

Me: “It’s really simple. Basically, if you are talking about Western feminism that’s something different than the feminism of other cultures and today, really, we need to have a global feminism that includes everyone of all walks of life. Essentially though, it’s about equality, but also about acknowledging that women have unique needs…”

Friend: **fast asleep**

So I took a little time and let Miley’s definition of an influential feminist marinate. I tested her statement against what I know to be true of my feminist heroes’ missions:

  1. Teaching women not to be scared to ask for what they want in the workplace. Check.
  2. Allowing women to not be scared to have a voice in the public eye. Check.
  3. Making sure little girls aren’t afraid to pursue their biggest and most ambitious dreams just because of their genders. Check.
  4. Guarding the rights of the LGBT community so they can live in a world without fear. Check.
  5. Protect the bodies of women and make sure getting birth control isn’t a scary, difficult process. Check.

Damn – I guess Cyrus has a point. My new mission for Fruitloop Feminism is to help us girls to not be afraid of anything. I find that the best way to quench fear is to find a support group of people who understand and accept you. It’s a lot harder to get through something difficult or scary by yourself. Ever try to see a horror film by yourself? Bad idea.

Hopefully my little space on the internet can be that support for you or simply provide you with a little laugh through some of the madness that goes on around us. And if not, well, you always have Miley.



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