KW + KK 4EvA

The only thing in the entirety of pop culture that could cast a shadow on Miley Cyrus’ antics over the last few months: Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring from Kanye West.


Not only is this rock humungous, he proposed at one of my favorite places of all time… AT&T Park. Yeezus really outdid himself. What’s more, he even put his new fiancee slash baby mama slash reality star into his new music video.

Behold – Kim Kardashian’s quite naked silhouette straddling a motorcycle and rubbing all up on her man. Released first on The Ellen Show, it has caused quite a stir. The interwebs have gone crazy at the release of the video. Should Kim REALLY be showing off her baby mama body like this? I mean, we’ve all seen it before but c’mon – what will North think? Is Kanye REALLY serious about the wild horses running at the beginning? Is Ellen Degeneras just playing an elaborate prank on all of us? She tends to do that.

My two cents on the matter is this. Kim Kardashian, God love her, enjoys playing her life out in the public eye. I know more about Kim than I do about some of my friends and family members. She’s one of the most photographed women in the world, and she is also the butt of all jokes. Taking my own advice, Fruitloop Feminism is on a mission to ensure that I help women not to be afraid of anything.

What can we learn from Kim? Her utter and infallible self confidence proves to me time and time again that she is not afraid of what anyone thinks of her. She just had a baby for crying out loud and now Miss Thing is up on a motorcycle butt naked kissing on her millionaire rapper soon-to-be husband. To women that need self-confidence and need a role model for how to give a big sexy middle finger to the world? Take a look at Kim Kardashian. She’s laughing all the way to the bank. More power to you girl.



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