Hi. My name is Claire and I am a feminist.

Step one is always “Admit that you have a problem”, the first of mine being the difficulties I run into  as a self-identified feminist. (Feminist stereotype keywords: Man-hater, penis-envy-er, baby-killer). A second problem: the intense frustration at the predicaments that the fine, smart, brilliant ladies of my generation are having to face regarding our gender. And a final problem being I found no suitable place to air my grievances in an accessible, enlightening, and – god forbid – fun way.

Yes, I am the evil genius behind Fruit loop feminism on a mission to leave the world with a sweet taste in their mouth when it comes to discussing women, sexual politics and feminism. I aspire to emulate my icons – Gloria Steinem, Judith Butler, and Adrienne Rich…am hopeful to meet Jessica Valenti in real life, if all this internet jazz pays off…and positive I will be staying true to both my feminist politics and poor taste in pop music, celebrity gossip, and general interest in stereotypical “girlie stuff”.

Why fruit loops, you say? Read this.

Say hi: @clairemcgovern

Please note that I do not take credit for the photos that appear on my blog unless otherwise noted. Please also note that I do not take credit for the name or likeness of the Fruit Loop Cereal brand after which I have named this blog…but I do find them unbelievably delicious.


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  3. Why do feminists demand that half of all board members be women, but not that half of all soldiers and garbage collectors be women?

    Why do women initiate fifty percent of all domestic violence incidents?

    Why does the average 22 year old women have twice as many sexual partners as the average 22 year old man?

    Why do 1 out of 4 teenage girls carry a sexually transmitted disease?

    Why do women initiate 90% of all divorces and get to keep the kids 90% of the time?

    Why are women more likely to be depressed, even though they have been “liberated”?

    Why do women protest Rape Culture by dressing like sluts at Slutwalk?

    Why is Feminism the most hypocritical -ism, as it is only concerned with the advancement of one gender?

    • Hey Jay, Just saw this comment. If you think that feminism is hypocritical, you clearly haven’t read up on your feminist theory. If you had, you’d know that feminism is the study of GENDER relations, which includes statutes of masculinity that are seriously disturbed in our culture. Why is that men don’t get maternity leave and women do? Aren’t they parents too? Why is it that men have even stricter gender rules than women? I’m happy to discuss these issues with you, but I only converse with people who are reasonable and rational.

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